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About John + Yoga:

John Sahakian C.Ht. is a husband, father, brother, and friend, who believes a healthy life is created by cultivating healthy relationships. “Our relationship with ourselves dictates how truthful our relationships are with others. We develop our sense of self through our parents, or whomever raised us, and learn about how to be in relationship with the world. My journey has taught me to consider making responsible choices, and to realize I don’t have to invest in beliefs and conditioning that may not work for me. It’s taken time, patience, and accepting that I am a late bloomer personally and professionally, because of the inner work I needed to do. My life experience has created a firm foundation for therapeutic service.”

John founded Three Circle Flow tm, which grew from his extensive interest in the psychology of breath. With a strong background as a yoga teacher, and Transformational Breathing Therapist, as well as being a stress management consultant, and formal studies in depth psychology, and behavioral arts, John offers a unique and proven approach to therapy that inspires lasting positive change in your life. Integrity, responsibility, acceptance, thankfulness, trust, creativity, balance, and common sense help to describe John’s emphasis with achieving results.

A native of Los Angeles, John is no stranger to the effects of environmental stress. By combining age-old practices and techniques, with contemporary scientific information he provides the tools needed to help clients manage stress more effectively, which he feels ultimately helps every area of life. John conducts classes, workshops, seminars, and retreats focusing on one area or combining all aspects within his field of expertise. He is a member of The American Hypnosis Association, and the American Counseling Association.

Hatha Yoga:

If you would like to combine your intentions for positive behavioral change with a Hatha Yoga practice, please visit one of John’s yoga classes - suitable for all levels - offered in the San Fernando Valley, as well as Santa Monica and Venice, California.

Sundays 4:15pm Restorative & Meditation
Equinox Marina Del Rey
13455 Maxella Avenue, Suite 204
Marina del Rey CA 90292



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